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We understand that a fresh approach to disinfection is likely to raise questions from prospective users of this new technology. Accordingly, we’ve developed a series of FAQs and offer you a chance to submit your own additional questions, so we might answer them directly and consider publishing them on our FAQs page for the benefit of others.

“Clearly Xyfection disinfecting agents are deadly to pathogens, but are they safe for humans, plants, and animals?”

In a word, yes. Studies have shown that the EPA-listed disinfecting agents used in our system are safe for living things. Additionally, Xyfection disinfectant applications are odorless and evaporate entirely in minutes after they are applied, but not before killing germs and viruses on contact.

Can you expand on why Xyfection’s disinfecting mist adheres to surfaces, furnishings, and equipment?”

You know the saying “Opposites Attract?” Well, the same is true in this case: Objects in the human environment around us naturally tend to be negatively charged. When Xyfection’s disinfecting agents exit the dispensing wand, they are positively charged by a small electrode. These positively charged particles seek out and attract to nearby negatively charged surfaces, resulting in a uniform coating that kills pathogens on those same surfaces.

“How long do I have to wait before I re-enter my office, following a Xyfection disinfectant application?”

In most cases -- you, your employees, customers, guests, or other visitors can enter your facility in as little as 30 minutes. Combined with how quickly we do our work, you see a bare minimum of disruption and inconvenience.

“Can you expand on what it takes to obtain a Xyfection quote?”

A simple phone call is all that’s needed to set up a site visit, at your convenience. During the site visit, we’ll walk through your facility, take notes and measurements, and consult with you about your unique goals and circumstances, to ensure we customize our approach to your needs (re: schedule, strength of our disinfectant, and other particulars). Within two business days of your site visit, we’ll supply your quote and be ready to initiate services immediately thereafter.

“Can I see proof of Xyfection’s disinfecting performance?”

For a nominal, additional fee we can include a before-and-after surface swab – based on 3 to 20 test sites throughout your facility – to show you how effective Xyfection electrostatic disinfection is. Just ask about this step when you make your initial inquiry or ask your Xyfection tech about this optional service.