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Suitable for All Kinds of Applications

From ordinary offices to commercial fitness clubs, from public schools and institutions to factories and retail operations… Xyfection technology can be applied across – and customized -- to an endless array of human environments. We accomplish this through:

  • a range of disinfecting strengths
  • a choice of sprayers (portable, battery-operated vs. plug-in, high-volume base units)
  • and Xyfection’s innate ability to apply a 360 disinfecting mist, wrapping nearly any 3D object in a disinfecting blanket


  • Individual offices or entire office parks – including lobbies, conference rooms, lunch-rooms, workout facilities
  • Medical offices, hospitals & healthcare facilities
  • Childcare & daycare facilities
  • Senior care facilities
  • Select retail facilities, including:
    • Automobile dealerships
    • Health clubs, gyms & spas
    • Rental car facilities
    • Hard-goods retailers (e.g. electronics, appliances, etc.)


  • Government buildings (e.g.: offices, public meeting rooms, courthouses, etc.)
  • Educational facilities & dormitories
  • Transportation
  • Museums


  • Hands-on equipment on factory floors
  • Factory lobbies, conference rooms, cafeterias, workout facilities
  • Materials handling equipment (e.g. forklifts, hand-trucks, etc.)


  • Xyfection may also be used in select residential applications, such as short-term rentals, B&Bs, public spaces in multi-unit housing facilities, among others